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D.Ockwell Jenner 140x140Dave Ockwell-Jenner

Senior Manager, Operational Security & Risk Management (STORM), Corporate Information Security Office (CISO), SITA

Dave Ockwell-Jenner has an extensive background in technology: from building one of the Internet’s earliest major web sites, to helping secure some of the world’s most critical systems. In his current role with Air Transport Industry IT provider, SITA, Dave leads a team of cyber security professionals dedicated to protecting critical infrastructure against cyber threats.
Cyber Threat Intelligence is a central part of SITAs security strategy, not just to defend the enterprise, but to extend a suite of capabilities to customers, partners and the industry as a whole.

Originally from the UK, Dave now lives with his family in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada--home to one of Canada's most vibrant entrepreneurial and high tech communities.



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